Smart Home Systems

Smart Home Systems in Monroe

Smart TV's. Smart phones. Smart cars and trucks. Smart technology is everywhere, and home is no exception. CenturyLink can equip your home with smart technology that monitors everything that goes on both inside and out, and shares that information with you in real time, even if you're halfway around the world. Call CenturyLink for a free consultation in Monroe, Louisiana today. 

Make it smart, then make it yours

With CenturyLink Smart Home innovations, you automate your home's vital systems, then tailor them to your individual needs. If you do everything on your phone, you can monitor your home's status in real-time accordingly. Is a tablet or laptop more your speed? No problem. With Smart Home technology, you choose the device, we do the rest. Call today for a complimentary consultation. 

For those looking to know who is at
their door, CenturyLink ® Security is proud to offer SkyBell®.

Each time your doorbell rings, SkyBell® will send
an instant notification to your mobile device (or
the designated contact). When you receive the
alert and accept it, you’ll have the opportunity to
see, hear, and speak to the individual waiting
outside. With a tap on your mobile device, you
can quickly determine the purpose of their visit,
adding peace of mind and a sense of real
protection. Installation is simple; it can be easily
added to your existing home security system or
to install in homes that don't have a bell system.

Going live

Your home motion detector in Monroe, Louisiana just went off, but you're traveling for a convention. Is it something to worry about, or a false alarm? Find out, instantly, with 24/7 live camera feeds that you can access on any device. You can also arm or disarm your intruder alarms, adjust your thermostat, even open or close your garage door, anytime, anywhere. Call CenturyLink Security today! 
Never forget to turn that light off again.  Ask about SmartPlugs! (800) 256-3352
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