Video Surveillance

 Video Surveillance Systems in Monroe 

At CenturyLink Security we offer state of the art video surveillance. We are able to offer solutions no matter the size of your business. The real value of video technology is the minimization of theft and loss. Video surveillance cameras allow you to check in remotely from anywhere you have internet access. Video surveillance cameras give you the ability to see what is happening inside and outside your business.

Always on, always ready

With a video surveillance system from CenturyLink Security, you can rest assured that you'll be alerted of threats to your business, whether the crime is in process or after the fact. Our video surveillance cameras are connected to a server that records 24/7, and allows you access via live feed or in clips on your phone or any device. Don't think your business is too small to benefit from video surveillance. We've installed systems for businesses of all sizes. Call today!

Stop theft before it starts

Retail stores lose millions of dollars in inventory to shoplifters. Don't let your store be among the victims. Call CenturyLink Security about installing a video surveillance system. It's an effective deterrent against theft, thieves will be thinking twice about stealing merchandise when they know that such a system is in place. Call today and make an investment in your safety, and your bottom line! 
Get 24/7 access to your video footage. Call today. (800) 256-3352   
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